Minnesota PCAs don't need a union.

The SEIU is taking a cut of a public subsidy — and then taking credit for benefits the legislature provides anyway. That’s just wrong!

Generate Your Election Card

To submit your authorization card, fill out the form provided to create a card and mail it in.

Election Authorization Card

I no longer wish to be represented by SEIU Healthcare Minnesota, its agents or representatives, for the purpose of collective bargaining with respect to Personal Care Attendant (“PCA”) terms and conditions of employment, the negotiation of collective agreements, and any questions arising thereunder.

I hereby revoke every other designation of authorization, if any, previously made by me for such purposes.

This card may be used to establish with the Minnesota BMS that at least 30% of PCAs in the existing bargaining unit request that the Minnesota BMS conduct an election to determine whether a majority of eligible voters who cast their ballots no longer wish to be represented for purposes of collective bargaining under the provisions of Minn. Stat. §179A.54 by SEIU Healthcare Minnesota.

This card will be submitted to the Minnesota BMS to obtain the right to a secret ballot election on decertification, but will not be provided to any other third party and will not be treated as public information under law.

Please mail your signed card to the address below by Thanksgiving.
PO BOX 390227
EDINA, MN 55439

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